Baby Eden was conceived during my pregnancy. Sitting at work, my stomach growling and nothing but unhealthy snack options available. This was my first pregnancy, and I was clueless as to what nutrients I needed, my baby needed or what to eat to get them. I found myself researching dietary advice at nearly every meal, usually to find myself even more confused.

During my extensive web browsing, I realized there is a lot of information but not a lot of knowledge. Discovering there isn’t a trustworthy, convenient, well-rounded product offering fetal development knowledge, mommy development knowledge, product education and the product, I decided to create one.

Embryo, Fetus to Baby Eden… First, I knew I wanted a healthy snack regimen tailored to the life stage of my mommies. Getting the right nutrients is not only essential for the mother but is directly associated with fertility and is vital for babies development. To better understand the nutrients women need and in what ingredients they can be found, I teamed up with a pregnancy focused nutritionist and found the healthiest snacks on the market. Next, my focus was snack quality. What good is a healthy snack that won’t get eaten because of its taste and smell? Flawless flavor to satisfy hangry mommy cravings is what I was looking for when taste test indulging like the pregnant women I was. I then surveyed other trying, expecting and experienced mommies for their hangry mommy craving remedies, and favorite flavors.

Finally, I wanted a solution for every mommy’s lifestyle. The trying, expecting, experienced, office working and stay at home working mommy, we all need a little simplicity and convenience in our lives. With no effort at all, your Baby Eden snackEASE bundle can be delivered monthly, directly to your door.